Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I invest if I'm outside the United States?
When can I expect to receive a payout?
How will rental income be distributed to investors?
Can I sell my shares on the secondary market?
Is it possible to cancel an investment I've made?
How are properties identified?
How is the initial value of each property determined?
What is the condition of the investment properties?
Who manages the properties?
How are guests screened before renting investment properties?
What if something happens to the property?
What is a REIT?
Is investment.com considered a REIT?
Is my bank account information safe?
Are there any potential risks associated with investment.com?
How much am I permitted to invest?
What property management fees does investment.com collect?
What tax documents will I receive?
Will I receive a state K-1 form?
Are the funds taxed?
Who is investment.com for?
Why invest with investment.com?
How does the investment process work for users?
How does investment.com make diversification easier?
Does investment.com own each property?
How often can I expect new investment properties to launch?
What returns can I expect?
Do I need to supply personal information to complete the investment process?
Can I purchase additional shares in a property after I make an initial investment?
What happens after I make an investment?
I wanted to make an investment, but the offering sold out too quickly.
How do I start investing?
For how long should I expect to hold my investment?
Do I need to be involved in any aspect of property management?
Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest on Investment.com?
Who pays for ongoing property expenses like repairs, taxes, & insurance?
As an investor, what documentation will I receive?
How will investment.com update me on the performance of my investment?